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Please give at least 72 hours notice when requesting a repeat prescription.

Repeat Prescriptions can be ordered in the following ways:-

  • Telephone 028 9074 1188. Follow the instructions then wait for the tone. Leave your Name, Date of Birth and list the names and doses of medications required.  Speak slowly and clearly. Allow 72 hours to collect your medication from your nominated pharmacy. This service is available Monday - Friday.  This is for REPEAT PRESCRIPTIONS ONLY.
  • Online - See Below.
  • By post - Mail your request to the surgery enclosing self-addressed envelopes
  • Your local Pharmacy - can collect and often deliver repeat prescriptions on your behalf, please make arrangements with your local Pharmacist for this service.

Repeat Prescriptions

To order your repeat prescription online click the image below. You will need to obtain a user ID and password from reception to use this facility. PLEASE LEAVE 72hours before collecting the prescriptiom from the pharmacy

A picture of some tablets